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Where Do You Find Good Quality People?

To cope with the fast-paced and challenges of today's competitive business world, recruiting "good quality people" is the essence to the succes of any nature business.

Figure Heads Consultants was incorporated in 1992 under the Laws of the Hong Kong to provide headhunting and its full range of services. We specialized in Global Asian Executive/ Professional Search, Training and Development and Out Placement.

Over the years, Figure Heads has established a worldwide associates network to cope with the human resources needs for multinational operations, raning from small to corporate sized businesses and financial institutions in the Asian region. We currently have affiliates in Singapore, Taiwan, China, Australia, Canada, U.S.A. and Europe.

Together, we aim to provide superior personnel services with first hand market knowledge via our Internet for the purpose of effective placements. Therefore, we provide immediate compilation and fast retrieval of information for our clients from our computerised database system. We are the experts when it comes to outsourcing and retraining assignments.

Figure Heads is supported by a group of experienced consultants with backgrounds specialized in different sector of industries. Our offices are fully equipped with the latest workstations and softwares to enable fast turnaround solutions to the clients. You are welcomed to call or visit Figure Heads whenever you need good quality people.


What Is Our Business?

To compete in the global business environment strategic business partners must leverage core competencies, control costs and increase efficiency. Figure Heads is here to provide our customers with the best and value-added business solutions which cover:

Executive Search
  Personnel Consultancy
  Training & Development
  Total Quality Management
  Process Reengineering
  Out Placement
  Management Information Consultancy
  Merger and Acquisition Search


How Do We Look At The Trend?

Every organization is a complex system comprised of people, operation, and technology. Figure Heads adopts business intelligent philosophy to help clients leverage their present capacities while developing those competencies required for future success. Today, more and more companies are turning to Figure Heads for contract workforce solutions. Some clients seek specialized skills for short-term projects or to meet peak workloads beyond the capabilities of their permanent staff. Others utilize Figure Heads to totally outsource the contract staffing fuction. Whatever the requirements are, Figure Heads and Business Intelligence can be their dedicated provider who responds quickly and creatively. These are just reasons why we are the first choice for flexible and customer-focused solutions.


Who Do We Trust With Our Quality People?

Our clients come from various sectors of the economy, such as:

Banking and Finance
Human Resources
Information Technology/Telecommunications
Sales & Marketing


How Do We Select The Best For You?

Our professional consultants select the right candidates by screening and interviewing all applicants. We only send those that match all the criteria as laid down by the clients. We only send those that match all the criteria as laid down by the clients. Only those with superb calibre and professional qualifications will be outsourced. Our tailored selection process helps to ensure that the candidates with the right competence, good personality, positive attitude and are fluent in the languages required be referred for the Clients' final selection.

People with good quality are hard to find, Figure Heads exploits various research and recruitment channels to search them. These sources are advertising, dababase from intelligent confidential resources, direct approach and working in tandem with our international affiliates.


Our Commitment

We are committed to ensure strictest confidentiality is maintained for all assignments as desingated to us by our clients.

We ensure that there will not be any premature disclosure of client information without their prior consent.




Contact Us:

Tsimshatsui: Rm. 630, Star House, 3 Salisbury Road, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon

Phone: 26883268, 2544-1111 (Tsimshatsui);

Fax: 26883288 (Tsimshatsui)

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Email: resume@figureheads.com.hk


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